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- R900.00 X 11 months = R9 900.00

GRADE 1 - 7

- R920.00 X 11 months = R10 120.00

- Parents who pay the full amount before the end of March 2023 qualify for a 12% discount - (R10 120.00 – R1 214.00 = R8 906.00)


- R950.00 per month.

- Months that are not a full month will be calculated pro-rata.

- Application forms are available at the office with

Mrs. P. Prinsloo


- Monthly payments are payable by the 7th of each month.

- For information on the exemption of school fees, please send an email to Ms. P. Prinsloo ( at the financial office.



- Laerskool Voortrekker Eeufees

- ABSA (Cheque account)

- Branch code: 632005

- Account number: 0060940029

- Reference: Please use your 4-digit school account number


- For safety reasons we ask that you please make use of an EFT (electronic fund transfer) payment.

- For any queries regarding your account, please do not hesitate to send an email to the financial office at /

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